Personalised Nutrition for Emma

“Congratulations, Emma! You eat twice as much fruit and vegetables as the average Dutch person. Your intake of fibre and vitamins is well taken care of. Make sure you are consuming sufficient kilocalories.

You have indicated that you would like to run a marathon at the end of this month but your fat percentage is currently too low. Consider eating a sandwich with mackerel and another with apple syrup one day and a handful of walnuts twice on the following day,” was the advice received by Emma (personal coach, fanatical long-distance runner and extremely health-conscious person) from her streaming service. While out shopping her smartwatch shows a route that will help get all of her shopping done quickly and a digital shopping list using information from her fridge. Emma keeps an eye on her food intake using her smartphone and has a bracelet – which matches her earrings – to record her heartbeat, calorie consumption and stress levels.

The examples of Emma, Harry and Eva illustrate how each individual is different. That is why the research is conducted from the perspective of the consumer. Read more about the use of consumer cases in the programme.

Use cases