PNH events

The consortium aims to place in the hands of its members and society the technology, knowledge and insights needed to bring ground-breaking, personalised products and services to the market; concepts through which they can add new value to their products and services and through which consumers can focus on improving their health.

In addition, a process of raising awareness will be instigated, which will make possible further innovations in the field of personalised nutrition & health; a process through which, together with our partners, we can realise the ideal of creating a society in which each individual is able to follow an eating pattern that precisely meets their needs. Part of this process and technology, knowledge and insight sharing is done via events, which are open for everyone with an interest in the development of PNH to the market.

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2020 Expected
2019 1st European Conference PNH, 8 October
2018 Seminar Personalised Nutrition and Health: Hoe ver zijn we? , 25 January (Dutch)
2017 Seminar Personalised Nutrition and Health: Hoe ver zijn we?, 24 January (Dutch)
2016 Seminar Personalised Food: Hoe ver zijn we?, 31 May (Dutch)