Events & Seminars

The Personalised Nutrition & Health consortium takes an integrated approach that is unique in the world and involves various disciplines working closely together: from life sciences and behavioural research to data analysis and sensor technology. Insights derived from this integrated approach are developed and shared with the involved partners, but also on a larger scale. Below you will find an overview of the upcoming and past PNH events, organized by the PNH consortium.


2nd Personalised Nutrition & Health Conference

7 October 2021, World Food Center Ede (the Netherlands)

Past events:
2020 Seminar Personalised Nutrition & Health, 1 October (Dutch)
2019 1st European Conference PNH, 8 October
2018 Seminar Personalised Nutrition and Health: Hoe ver zijn we? , 25 January (Dutch)
2017 Seminar Personalised Nutrition and Health: Hoe ver zijn we?, 24 January (Dutch)
2016 Seminar Personalised Food: Hoe ver zijn we?, 31 May (Dutch)

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