European Conference Personalised Nutrition & Health

The first European Conference Personalised Nutrition and Health brings together science, health and industry business to discuss the latest developments, innovations and possible next steps in the nutrition, health and food world. Exclusively we will reflect on the results of three years researching technology and knowledge, in name of the consortium to give it more value and be specific where science (TNO-WUR) and a variety of companies worked closely together to make the knowledge as applicable for scaling up as possible.

Organised by Personalised nutrition and health

Tue 8 October 2019

The future of food is personal

Consumer interest in nutritional self-optimisation continues to grow and new insights in research are increasing. As a result, global players and start-ups are developing new ways to implement personalised nutrition into our daily lives.

You will:

  • Get to know the latest developments and future innovations in PNH
  • Gain insights in how to understand consumer & food behaviour
  • Exclusively get a reflection of the knowledge out of the consortium that has been researching for the last 3 years
  • Get inspired by disruptors about their (successful) business models
  • Learn how to bring the latest knowledge about PNH into your business practice in several workshops
  • Learn how personalised nutrition can work on health by evidence based research
  • Connect and grow your network with experts and other professionals working in the field

After the conference you know what technology and knowledge is needed to make personalised food and health possible and how you can add new value to your company to help society to become healthier. You read more about the PNH consortium here.

Target audience

This programme is designed for professionals in the Agri & Food industry with an interest in Personalised Nutrition & Health.